NEW YORK, NYOctober 4, 2016

ReKTJobs is launching its online eSports Careers portal today, solving the current hiring problem organizations, teams and other eSports-related companies face in today’s market. Newzoo reports the fast growing eSports sector is set to grow to 425 million fans by 2019.

“eSports is an industry built on passion. There are so many people out there with relevant skill sets that want to get involved, but figuring out how to get a foot in the door is a huge challenge. ReKTJobs should help solve that problem,” said top eSports attorney Bryce Blum of IME Law.

After years of research into the eSports space, founder Amish Shah recently invested in Team EnVyUs through his Venture Capital firm SierraMaya360. Shah has a successful track record of advising and investing in startups, building teams with over 20 years experience in the High Tech Recruiting sector as a Founder of boutique executive search firm, Millennium Search and has strong relationships in the Sports, Media/Entertainment and Technology sectors. He is known as a subject matter expert in the industry who has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, MIT Tech Review among others and also appears regularly on television networks CNBC and FOX discussing various industry related topics. He’s helped over 200 startups including sports related FanDuel and SeatGeek from an early stage on the recruiting side to help them land top-level talent. He is also an early stage investor in the Drone Racing League, Krossover, GameCo, TopFan, and Sidestep, which are all sports related giving him a unique background to make ReKTJobs a success and the trusted source for connecting eSports organizations, teams and businesses with qualified candidates.

“Since entering the eSports space, I’ve spoken with countless people in the industry who’ve had a hard time hiring top talent from the organizational, company and team sides. In addition, we want to capture the students and give them a place they can find internships and potential jobs right out of college to launch their eSports career. We’ll grant free access to a trusted platform for candidates who are eager to break into the industry to easily connect to the eSports ecosystem and kick start or further their eSports career,” said Shah

Got Talent? Need Talent? Get ReKT!

ReKTJobs is looking to bridge the gap for employers and candidates in the booming eSports sector to reach Millennials which is the largest demographic in eSports. ReKTJobs will enable high school and college students to find scholarships and internships throughout the eSports industry.

“I started in the competitive eSports space as a player when I was in college in 2004 and I wish a platform like this existed back in the day to make it easier to break in. Hiring top talent is also one of the biggest challenges all owners face so we can expand and scale quickly. I’m looking forward to being an Early Adopter of ReKTJobs.” said Mike ‘Hastr0’ Rufail, owner of Team EnVyUs.

ReKTJobs headquartered in Charlotte, NC is a platform connecting the eSports community by providing a direct funnel of qualified eSports job candidates to Organizations, Companies and Teams with a need for top-level talent.

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