Creative Services

Our full-service creative team can handle all forms of a brand’s creative needs. With access to the biggest influencers, prestigious events, and years of content experience, the highest quality content is never out of reach.

ReKTGlobal can help you authentically activate and engage with this audience through high-quality content, and a level of speed and professionalism unheard of by an esports agency. Through on-site video shoots, social media management, talent and influencer relations, and more, ReKTGlobal will create an experience that resonates with an esports audience.

The ReKTGlobal team is responsible for State Farm’s Assist of the Week, Norton 360 for Gamers’ Gaming Tips, and more. Our team has managed larger activations for major industry events, high-profile showcases, and tournaments with the hottest names in gaming, with clients including E3, Activision Blizzard, ESPN, and Facebook.

The Call of Duty: Warzone Royal Ruckus

A 150-person charity tournament we hosted alongside Activision Blizzard in June 2020. The event raised $100,000 for the Equal Justice Initiative and achieved an average of 6K concurrent viewers on the official Call of Duty Twitch Channel over two days.

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  • 79K Hours of streaming competition watched
  • 6K CCV average concurrent viewers
  • 10K CCV peak concurrent viewers
  • 171K Total Viewers across two days of programming on the Call of Duty Twitch channel
  • 335K CCV peak viewers across all channels airing the tournament, including players and the main channel
  • 30 Minutes average watch time across two days of programming on the Call of Duty Twitch Channel

Play Apart Together

Our celebrity COVID-19 charity tournament series brought together major NBA players, pro gamers, WWE stars and more to raise $125,000 for the World Health Organization’s relief efforts. We also brought in millions of viewers thanks to our marquee partnerships with Facebook, State Farm, and Alienware.

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  • 4.3 Million minutes of streamed gameplay watched by fans across four weeks
  • 62.7 Million Facebook users reached overall
  • 61K CCV peak concurrent viewers
  • 10.9 Million unique viewers tuned into PlayApartTogether over its first month

ESPN Valorant Invitational

Partnering with ESPN, we put on one of the very first professional Valorant competitions stunning performances from star athletes in Overwatch, Rainbow Six, Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends leagues over three days of rich programming.

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  • 165K Hours of streaming competition watched
  • 14K CCV peak concurrent viewers on the ESPN Esports Twitch channel
  • 12K Followers added to the ESPN Esports Twitch channel during the invitational
  • 240K Views across three days of programming

Warzone Wednesday

Our first Call of Duty: Warzone tournament program was the leading Warzone stream on all of Twitch week in and week out over its two month run. With participation from global stars like Ninja, Yachty, Steve Aoki, and myriad other pop culture icons, the program was a showcase for what we could achieve with our digital programs.

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  • 40K CCV average concurrent viewers
  • 75K CCV peak concurrent viewers
  • 500K average unique weekly viewers
  • 8.6 Million total branded stream views

Assetto Corsa Virtual Preview Event

When every major gaming convention closed up shop, we immediately started approaching game publishers and developers about creating custom digital programming to make their announcements. Our first virtual event, hosted with 505 Games for its racing game Assetto Corsa, aired in early June. Events with Kabam, Disney, Marvel and others will follow across Summer 2020.

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  • 9K+ Hours of total streaming video watched by virtual attendees
  • 10.7K CCV peak concurrent viewers on 505’s Twitch channel
  • 7K CCV AVG concurrent viewers across presentation
  • 43K Unique Viewers on 505’s Twitch channel alone
  • 62 Press Outlets joined the developer Q&A, eclipsing our target of 40 media attendees

HyperX Showdown

Our intimate summer gaming series pitting major personalities against each other in the biggest games debuted on the HyperX Twitch channel on June 16, where it was met by a huge, highly-engaged audience.

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  • 13K CCV average concurrent viewers on HyperX’s Twitch channel
  • 174K total live views in week one
  • 32K hours of streaming viewed by Twitch fans
  • 86K Unique Viewers tuned into HyperX Showdown in its first week
  • 18K CCV peak concurrent viewers tuned into the event on HyperX’s Twitch channel