Esports Venues

At ReKTVenues, constructing new esports-specific venues and outfitting existing ones with esports capabilities is our mission. We want to ensure venue owners across the U.S. have a comprehensive strategy for the future that is esports.


Our proprietary year-round esports programming product, filling any and all dark days of arenas, ballrooms, and casinos with gaming events. Perfect for existing venues searching for an esports strategy


The first of our custom-built esports venue offerings. Transform your venue’s empty space into an esports haven. Perfect for tournaments, open play, team practice, and viewing parties. Generate additional revenue for your building and welcome the gaming generation in.


Our major custom-built esports and technology venue offering. Go beyond esports and incorporate drones, VR, and the latest in gaming technology to your brand-new esports club. Host competitive teams, major tournaments, and top quality events. Revolutionize your mall, sporting complex, or large arena with the power of esports.


We know indoor space can be hard to come by; take esports outside with ReKTDomes. Our air-conditioned, gaming-ready Domes are the perfect way to host large gaming events on a space budget.

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