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ReKTGlobal, Inc is an esports infrastructure services company that bridges the gap between traditional sports and esports, providing solutions for the entire ecosystem. Demand for esports solutions is high, from pro sports venues looking to innovate and attract Millennials and gamers, to collegiate athletic departments interested in adding esports to their varsity programs. Our top-notch executive management team brings decades of experience from Startups, Venture Capital/Private Equity, Wall Street, Real Estate, Ownership, Financing, Construction and Development, Sports, Media, Entertainment and Sports Marketing/Sponsorship, with operating know-how and a proven track record of success.

ReKTGlobal, Inc is the parent company, with subsidiaries including: ReKTAgency, ReKTLive, ReKTVenues, ReKTJobs, ReKTUniversity, ReKTMedia, and ReKTVentures.

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ReKTGlobal, Inc. was founded in September 2016 with a mission to serve the esports ecosystem in its entirety by bringing in best practices from sports, media, and entertainment. Officially launching in June 2017, ReKTGlobal and its executive team, Amish Shah, Dave Bialek, and Kevin Knocke, rolled out an array of agency, event, and media capabilities. On the digital side, ReKTJobs and ReKTUniversity work to pull the esports community closer together, providing opportunities for esports job seekers and varsity esports recruits alike.

ReKTGlobal currently has offices in New York City and Charlotte, NC.

Meet Our Team

Amish Shah


Founded in 2016 by Amish Shah, ReKTGlobal, Inc. set its sight on providing the infrastructure knowledge, tools and know-how that today’s esports ecosystems are lacking on a global scale. As Managing Partner of SierraMaya360, named 2015’s Top Tech, Sports Media and Entertainment VC firm, Amish is no stranger to the space. His expertise and involvement in such companies as The Drone Racing League and Gameco through early-stage investments position him well for the progressive esports community. As a result, it is not surprising to find Amish as a frequent guest of CNBC, FOX Business, Sirius Radio, and other traditional and digital outlets giving his insight on topics ranging from the Sports/Esports/Media sectors to the latest in tech news and IPO’s.

David Bialek

Co-Founder, CEO

With over 25 years in the sports marketing & media world, Dave made the jump to esports with his co-founding of ReKTGlobal. Dave has spearheaded the creation of multiple advertising platforms in the place-based, streaming media and sports advertising space. He is credited with building two groundbreaking initiatives in collegiate sports. First, he led a sales team to create the iconic Allstate Field Goal Net program in NCAA Football. Second, he invented a “profile” position on NCAA and NBA basket stanchions, with which State Farm has become synonymous. The stanchion sign is widely considered to be the most impactful signage position in all of sports. For this latest pursuit, Dave became a recipient of the prestigious Sports Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 award. His work in the traditional sports marketplace can be seen far and wide, and he’s bringing the very same creative approach to the esports ecosystem.
Kevin Knocke

Kevin Knocke

VP of Esports

Kevin has worn nearly every hat in the esports industry, having been a play by play commentator, marketing and talent manager, video producer, and host for some of the biggest esports companies and events in the scene. He has had the privilege of leading content and hosting events for partners like Blizzard Entertainment, IGN, SiriusXM, Sony, South by Southwest, E3, PAX, Ubisoft, and more. Kevin was born attached to a mouse and keyboard and has been competitively gaming since he was a kid. He’s also a devoted St. Louis Cardinals fan.

Ryan Griffin

Esports Solutions Specialist

Graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2016, Ryan brings a wealth of experience in the collegiate and community aspects of esports. While in school, he presided over an esports club, worked closely with Tespa and other organizations on new endeavors, and organized his own inter-collegiate 1,000+ attendee event, Clash of the Carolinas. Since graduation, he has consulted for and assisted with several events in order to boost the East Coast and collegiate esports scenes. He joined ReKTGlobal in late 2016 to further those ambitions. Ryan is a big fan of Pokemon and most turn-based strategy games.
Molly Gamache

Molly Gamache

Director of Operations

Molly Gamache has been a certifiable Task Master since 1993 with over 20 years of office management and operations expertise. She honed her communication skills and the ability to be calm under pressure within the financial, recruiting and venture capital industries. Based out of the Boston/New England office, she protects the ReKT brand and keeps things on track with an emphasis on business oversight and quality control of all things operational. When Gamache is not coordinating chaos in the office, she enjoys winning Fantasy Sports leagues, watching trashy reality TV, and reading the Classics with her new kitty, curled up nearby.

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