Building The Future of Esports.

Building The Future of Esports.

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"Corporate sponsorships total $111 million in North America (2015E). Brand owners and advertisers are expected to adapt to emergent forms of entertainment, which will grow sponsorship deals across the segment." - SuperData Research

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"Esports consumer ticket sales revenue is projected to increase last year from $11 million to $26 million in 2021." - PwC

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"67% of gamers want more events, more often, in more places." - Eventbrite

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"The fastest-growing [esports] revenue stream is media rights, which will generate $340 million by 2020" - Newzoo

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Esports economy projected to hit $1.5 billion by 2020 - Newzoo

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"There's a massive demographic at the college level that could broaden the audience from the specific gamer niche to the full-on, school-spirit crowds." - ESPN

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